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We design mobile websites without the need for costly redesign

For Mobile Website Design in Doncaster and across the UK, contact Mobile Nation(UK) Ltd. Mobile websites are a standalone version of your desktop site and resemble a mobile app in design. Our Doncaster-based Mobile website design company offers an affordable alternative to redesigning your entire desktop website. So why is a mobile website important?

In April 2015, Google redesigned its search algorithms to reflect the ever-growing use of mobile devices when searching the internet. As a consequence, if your website is not optimised for easy viewing on mobile devices, google will penalise your business google ranking everytime anyone is searching for your products or services using their mobile phone or tablet. Our Doncaster-based design consultancy specialises in the design of mobile websites.

Don’t worry …. Mobile Nation’s mobile websites are the perfect, affordable solution.

Our Doncaster mobile website design consultancy can design a standalone version of your desktop website, which, for all intents and purposes, looks like a mobile app. The mobile website is designed off-line on a separate platform – we then add a short piece of redirection code into your desktop website, which allows the website to redirect to the appropriate version, dependant on the device being used. 

Doncaster’s Mobile Nation designs mobile websites that fully reflect your brand and can do everything that your current desktop website does, just in a mobile-friendly way. We can build in some great functions too to enhance your customers’ mobile experience, such as:

  • one-click calling
  • automated booking requests
  • tell a friend
  • in-site menus – great for restaurants or takeaways
  • a link to your desktop website
  • event calendars
  • in-site reviewing
  • check-in services
  • call back & leave a message
  • automated translation – sell to other languages
  • in-site shop – sell direct through mobile.

Avoid expensive desktop redesign – 
Mobile websites are significantly cheaper than redesigning your current website as responsive!

Don’t take our word for it

Take a look at some of the mobile websites we have designed below, then get in touch with us to discuss your needs and find out more about pricing.

Examples of our mobile websites

Our standalone mobile website design starts at just £500 ….

With annual hosting at £25 per month (£200 per year when paid in advance)

For Doncaster Mobile Website Design and mobile website design across the UK Contact us today!!

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